Bandwagon is a show about being part of something bigger than yourself.


Each season follows the followers of a different type of bandwagon. Through intimate, sound-rich narratives, we meet the characters behind popular (and often surprising) cultural phenomena.


Josh Swartz, Host + Creator:

In addition to hosting and producing Bandwagon, Josh works in public radio utopia at the Public Radio Exchange (PRX) as an in-house producer and curator of PRX Remix, a never-ending stream of the best radio storytelling. His work has aired on various stations and been featured on He is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop and studied film and sociology at Middlebury College. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island and originally hails from Brookline, MA. You can find more of his work at

Sophie McKibben, Producer:

In addition to producing for Bandwagon, Sophie is the cofounder and managing editor of Now Here This, an online platform for student-produced audio storytelling. A native Adirondacker, she recently returned to the mountains to work for North Country Public Radio on a long-form digital storytelling project about the history of labor in rural New York (to be released later this year). Sophie lives in Providence, R.I., where she's a senior at Brown University. She is a 2015 Truman Scholar and a 2015 Royce Fellow. You can find more of her work at



Season 1 features stories about people who #feelthebern: supporters of the insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign. 

Bernie’s a longtime senator from Vermont. He’s always been known to be a progressive voice. But he’s from a state with the most cows per capita. So nationally he’s had a somewhat limited reach. But after announcing a presidential bid he transformed rapidly from huffy Vermont Senator to the leader of a political revolution. And now he’s overfilling arenas coast-to-coast.

Bernie might not win the nomination. Or maybe he will. You might agree with his politics. Or maybe you don’t. Disclaimer: I do agree with most of his politics. But this show is not about those things. That’s not the point. The point is that he’s gone from unknown to everywhere. He’s created a bandwagon and struck a major chord with the American people. So Bandwagon wants to know – who are these people? What are their stories?